Parking information

Parking on street

  • White Line - In white lines you can park without restriction unless it finds "ONLY FOR RESIDENTS" in this case you can not park.
  • Yellow Line - In yellow lines you cant park, it is the line only for the privileged cars such as police, ambulanse ect.
  • Blue Line – In blue lines parking is allowed in hours : 9.00 – 24.00 payment 1 E/ 1 H


       Parking on Lungomare


  • Close to L’Hotel Riva del Sole - payment 1 E/ 1 H
  • Close to Lune Park - payment, secure parking,open 24 h, payment from 10 E/ 24 H
  • Parking on Via G. Verga
  • Parking next to the train station – Piazza delle vittime


       Hours of entry to the historic center


  • You can go in historic center during the night – from 0.00 until 9.30 in the morning. Also is allowed entry in hours 12.30 until 15.30.
  • During school time the traffic is not allowed also since 8.15-8.45 and since 13.15- 13.45.